FinKube has developed a Real Estate Marketplace that is reshaping the way we buy and sell homes.  The platform provides homeowners, realty agents, mortgage originators, insurers, attorneys and other real estate industry professionals with a true end-to-end real estate transaction platform.                 

Our marketplace technology enables real estate industry professionals to blend their services with their current or new referral partners to create a Real Estate Transaction Team (BRETT)™.  From property listing to closing, these teams can work together over one seamless marketplace to complete both sides of the real estate transaction and also provide homebuyers and sellers with a unique digital real estate experience.  More important, unlike fully automated software, our entire suite of products and services are intentionally designed to assist industry professionals instead of replacing them.

ELSA, our A.I. powered sales assistant not only speaks real estate and mortgages right out of the gate, she also supports marketplace professionals with role-based dashboard views and customizable workflows, and she works 24/7/365 to assist professionals  to: prospect, discover, list properties, process and underwrite mortgages, arrange property inspections, obtain title and property insurance, which helps BRETT’s to close real estate transactions in as little as 15-days.


Built on a modular architecture and enhanced by ELSA, real estate professionals are now positioned to compete with providers of fully automated mortgage, real estate and insurance software, which are designed to eliminate industry professionals.

ELSA is AI done right for realty transactions.

Cognitive Compliance

Over time, ELSA learns the professionals: subject matter, audit data and repetitious roles and tasks that can be automated, while continually running risk scenarios to protect the professional non-compliance and workflow errors.

No Syncing or LOS Integrations

ELSA comes built into FinKube’s pre-configured Marketplace and Digital Lending Platform.  This enables industry professionals across the entire real estate spectrum to access and deploy the only cloud software that integrates the entire real estate transaction from property listing to closing.

Create Your Own Workflow

FinKube offers full customization with the ease of system configuration, each guided by artificial intelligence specifically designed for real estate transactions.  This means even fully customized implementations can be completed and launched within two weeks.

Seamless Transactions

Our out-of-the-box digital platform is a next-generation technology that works on the web 24-7 to; discover new: seller listings, homebuyers and purchase loan mortgages.   Our platform offers consumers and professionals the only true end-to-end digital real estate experience from listing to closing.  At the same time… ELSA works behind the firewall assisting realty agents, attorneys, inspectors, loan originators,  and insurers to manufacture a seamless, compliant transaction.

Transparency and Connectivity

Lenders working with ELSA bring new meaning to the term “customer experience”.  Through automated realty, mortgage and insurance features, it is now possible to originate and fund even the most complex loans in as few as 15 days. This blended experience keeps all stakeholders updated through Buyer/Seller and industry specific dashboard views.

Real Estate Transactions need a better solution!

Finkube’s new Digital LOS and Marketplace offers industry professionals technology without the significant start-up costs and the monthly expenses associated with subscription price models.  FinKube partners enjoy a “Per Transaction” price schedule which closely aligns monthly technology costs with new business.


If your organization is ready to evolve into a modern digital real estate environment, talk to ELSA. She is AI done right for lending, because she is intentionally designed to assist human lending experts… not replace them.

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