FinKube is a Loan Origination Software Built on a Modular Architecture and Enhanced with AI.

FinKube technology differentiates itself from the remaining commercial and off-the-shelf loan origination software with ELSA, the financial services industry’s first fully customizable “intelligent assistant.”

ELSA is AI done right for lending

She is a fully-customized solution built to assist human lending experts, not replace them.

Did we mention she’s smart!


Over time, ELSA learns the lender’s specific appetite for risk, while continually running risk scenarios to protect the enterprise from non-compliance.


ELSA comes built into FinKube’s pre-configured loan origination software, making it easy for lenders to access and deploy the industry’s only seamless digital application, which encompasses the entire loan origination process from strategic marketing to funding.


FinKube offers full customization with the ease of system configuration, each guided by Artificial Intelligence specifically designed for consumer lending, meaning, even fully customized implementations can be engineered and launched within two weeks.


Our pre-configured digital lending platform and loan origination software is a next-generation technology that works 24-7 to; discover and pre-qualify new loan customers on the web; capture digital loan applications by offering borrowers real time loan rates and programs; and, thereafter by working behind the firewall assisting the lender’s processors and underwriters to manufacture a compliant loan.


Lenders working with ELSA bring new meaning to the term “customer experience” through automated underwriting features, which now makes it possible to originate and fund even the most complex loans in as few as 15 days.

Lending needs a better solution!

The remaining spectrum of legacy off-the-shelf loan origination software applications are archaic, with most being labeled as little more than a “user interface” attached to a database. These older systems are hindered by limited workflow functionality and dangerously inadequate compliance protection. Finkube’s digital lending platform offers loan originator’s compliant next generation technology without the significant start-up costs and the ongoing monthly expenses associated with industry standard loan origination software.

The FinKube Digital Lending Platform is developed by technology experts with decades of lending experience. Leveraging this experience, the team deliberately designed the loan origination software with a flexible architecture preconfigured as a true end-to-end lending platform, with built-in artificial intelligence strategically deployed throughout the entire loan manufacturing process.

This groundbreaking approach empowers origination entities utilizing the FinKube technology to produce faster, cheaper and smarter loans within a secure and compliant environment.


It gets better…

FinKube partners enjoy a “per transaction” price schedule that properly aligns technologically costs with monthly originations. This flexible subscription model means lenders technology costs rise and fall with the number of monthly originations, versus, an expensive per seat subscription model – with minimum monthly costs per user – regardless of volume.

If your organization is ready to evolve into a modern digital origination environment, talk to ELSA. She is AI done right for lending, because she is intentionally designed to assist human lending experts… not replace them.

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