Digital Real Estate & Loan Origination System

Built from the ground up by trusted technologists, our next-gen Realty Marketplace & Digital LOS removes the cost and adoption barriers associated with digital lending technology, providing Buyers / Sellers, Realty Agents, Insurers, Lenders and others with a satisfying and transparent digital transaction from property listing to closing.

Intelligent Assistance

Cognitive Real Estate Transactions are the next evolution for industry professionals and consumers. ELSA is a digital assistant that works inside FinKube’s transaction platform and alongside industry professionals to practically eliminate all points of regulatory risk and human error, creating significant efficiencies throughout the buy / sell process enabling new listings to close in as few as fifteen days.

Document Management

Managing digital documents has never been easier. With our proprietary platform, lenders avoid costly integrations, can eliminate paper originations, deliver and track bilateral lending disclosures, along with all borrower documents, within a secure environment.  Industry Professionals can create and forward all necessary documents to the Seller and Buyer and track each document until it is returned with a digital / wet ink signature.  

Free CRM

One of the key elements of a seamless platform is a customer relationship manager (CRM) designed to keep sales at the core of your workflow. Our industry-specific CRM comes built into our Realty Transaction Platform, enabling each professional to collaborate and manage deals from lead to loan closing.  When our Partners form their own “Kube” they receive a free CRM built to complete each transactional part over one end-to-end platform. 


By automating and embedding compliance management within the transaction workflow, industry professionals can remove the worry and complexity of regulatory and compliance risk. The FinKube Platform also enables these professionals to automate compliance tasks and workflow compliance and produce specific audit ready reports.  

App Marketplace

Connectivity is the future of all modern digital lending applications. FinKube Connect is an Open API that creates strong bonds between lenders and third-party service providers, extending the power of digital lending to the edges of the Web.  

Custom Portals

Modern Real Estate requires speed, transparency and connectivity. The platform accomplishes this goal through custom portal views with role- based access, which provides other Kube Members with the specific data to complete their part of the process. This event focused feature is driven by task automation and milestones to accelerate the entire transaction from listing to loan close.

Digital Lending Platform

FinKube is committed to security and the protection of personal information. We ensure security with a multi-layered security system designed to identify and stop threats before they occur. With physical, personnel, logical, and data security considerations, client data is protected both at rest and in transit.

Per Transaction Pricing

Our lending partners are not tied into long term contracts or expensive per seat monthly subscription models. Our partners pay for what they use, which properly balances technology costs against market fluctuations and actual transaction volume.