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FinKube and LoanTek Collaborate to Provide Cutting Edge FinTech

FinKube, a company that provides AI-powered Lending Software-as-a-Service solutions for consumer lending, and LoanTek, an industry leader in mortgage pricing engine services, have combined to create industry mortgage-ware.

“We’re very pleased that LoanTek shares our philosophy as to the effective integration of Artificial Intelligence into the consumer lending business and lending software,” said Jorge Sauri, founder and CEO of FinKube. “We must not take the human loan officer out of the equation and run the risk of leaving the borrower without a hand to hold during this complex transaction. However, we must provide the lender with every possible advantage, augmenting their offerings and extending their capabilities into the new realms where consumers are driving lenders to transaction business. This partnership accomplishes that.”

LoanTek CEO, Adam Stein commented “FinKube is the right lending software solution at the right time. The rate of digital mortgage origination has tripled in the last eight years allowing consumers to acquire their mortgages faster and easier than ever before. The advent of AI, and the accessibility of same to industry participants, is long overdue. LoanTek is happy to facilitate the pricing engine technology required to bring this to market.”

Finkube’s Electronic Loan Services Assistant (ELSA) serves as the brain behind Finkube’s Digital Lending Platform and lending software. ELSA is the industry’s first intelligent assistant and uses AI and machine learning to enhance the origination process from origination to close. ELSA‘s AI is powerful enough to gather borrower information and automate time-consuming tasks. ELSA helps lenders expedite compliance and closing processes.

LoanTek features the industry’s fastest best execution and eligibility pricing engine to seamlessly deliver pricing from the front end of the consumer experience through to the secondary market. Featuring robust, mobile compliant, API’s LoanTek currently serves over eight million real time offers to consumers every month creating ‘best in class’ consumer mortgage experiences. Agile and accurate, LoanTek is the mortgage industry’s leading publisher of pricing engine results.

About LoanTek

Boise, Idaho based LoanTek, Inc. provides mortgage lenders the most pricing engine solutions, LoanTek currently provides pricing for retail, wholesale, and correspondent lenders and delivers live pricing into a number of prominent mortgage domains including Bankrate®, LendingTree®, QuinStreet®, and Zillow®, For more information on LoanTek’s services please visit

About FinKube
FinKube is the first lending technology developer to incorporate Artificial Intelligence at the core to provide Intelligence Augmentation (IA) to human loan officers and deliver its platform under a cloud-based, Platform-as-a-Service model. ELSA, the Electronic Lending Services Assistant, is Artificial Intelligence specifically developed for compliant consumer lending and is the brains behind a platform that can help lenders originate any type of consumer loan product. ELSA learns and adjusts to any origination model, chats with consumers to gather information and provide services, and provides lenders with the industry’s most flexible solution to meet their own lending needs. For more information, visit the company’s website at

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