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ISCorp, FinKube Partner to Deliver Revolutionary Digital Lending Platform.

ISCorp’s investment in FinKube makes a new digital platform available to all lenders

DALLAS—November 1st, 2017–FinKube, a company that provides AI-powered

Chatbots in Financial Services, announced today that it has formed a partnership with ISCorp., a provider of world-class private secure hosted services in the Cloud to more than 3 million end users globally, through which the two will offer a revolutionary new Digital Lending Platform (DLP) to consumer lenders.

“The combination of ISCorp’s twenty-five years of private secure cloud services experience with the scalable, intelligent platform we have developed for any kind of consumer lending will disrupt the industry,” said Jorge Sauri, founder and CEO of FinKube. “Our software was written for the cloud and we wanted the best partner available to provide the secure online home from which ELSA will operate.”

ELSA stands for Electronic Loan Services Assistant, the brain behind FinKube’s Digital Lending Platform and

chatbots in financial services. She is the industry’s first intelligent assistant and uses AI and machine learning to enhance the origination process from origination to close. Her AI is powerful enough to gather borrower information, render decisions, automate time-consuming tasks and help lenders produce fully compliant mortgage loans in as few as 20 days, though she is well versed in any form of consumer lending.

ISCorp is a turnkey Private Secure Cloud Services provider featuring everything from onboarding, compatibility, performance, security, upgrades, data backups, and disaster recovery. ISCorp’s cloud solution constantly evolves and adapts to keep customers on pace with changing business, technology, and security requirements.

Together, FinKube and ISCorp offer this powerful Digital Lending Platform and 

Chatbots in Financial Services to customers as a turnkey solution featuring everything from installation, compatibility, performance, security, upgrades, data backups, and disaster recovery.

“We’re proud to bring some of the best software available to users around the world,” said Tim Roloff, Vice President of Business Development at ISCorp. “We partner with best-in-class companies to ensure that the tools hosted in our cloud are the very best available. FinKube will make a great addition to our family of developers. We are thrilled to partner with them to deliver ELSA and this DLP. We expect this offering to be the easiest, most reliable, and most secure Digital Lending solution available on the market today.”

About ISCorp
Founded in 1987, ISCorp currently provides world-class private secure hosted services in the Cloud to more than 3 million end users globally. Headquartered outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin, ISCorp supports over 1700 production databases worldwide. It’s the complete, affordable, secure solution for today’s business leaders who need to get more done with fewer resources. For more information about the company, visit it online at

About FinKube
FinKube is the first lending technology developer to incorporate Artificial Intelligence at the core to provide Intelligence Augmentation (IA) to human loan officers and deliver its platform under a cloud-based, Platform-as-a-Service model. ELSA, the Electronic Lending Services Assistant, is Artificial Intelligence specifically developed for compliant consumer lending and is the brains behind a platform that can help lenders originate any type of consumer loan product. ELSA learns and adjusts to any origination model, chats with consumers to gather information and provide services, and provides lenders with the industry’s most flexible solution to meet their own lending needs. For more information, visit the company’s website at

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