Why FinKube

On average, it costs




400+ Pages


50 Days


25+ Humans

to originate and process a loan

The world’s most advanced mortgage app for loan officers, FinKube was founded by technologists and industry experts in response to consumer demands for a simpler way to obtain a loan. Built from the ground up, our technology provides loan origination entities with a modern seamless digital lending platform that assists human lending experts to identify, qualify, process and close consumer loans in a secure lending ecosystem.

Lenders are spending $7,000 over 50 days to generate 400 pages of paper documentation to originate a compliant mortgage loan. It takes 25 humans to do this work because the technology they’re using isn’t doing the job. Our new mortgage app for loan officers will empower organizations to do this work cheaper, faster, with little if any paper and with fewer people dedicated to the process, freeing them up to pursue more business.

Powered by intelligent augmentation and a Rest-based open API, our mortgage app for loan officers provide the comfort of a flexible solution and the freedom to connect with the service providers that are right for their business.

FinKube was founded by Jorge Sauri, an industry veteran with nearly 20 years of experience developing IT solutions and technology platforms for banks, lenders and real estate companies. He developed the mortgage industry’s first cloud-based software for underwriting subprime mortgages at Arc Systems and then developed a completely cloud-based loan origination system called MortgageDashboard. This time, Sauri is changing the way the industry thinks about loan origination software.